Call for Papers and Artistic Presentations: Trans Pregnancy Fertility, Reproduction and Body Autonomy An International Conference

Call for Papers and Artistic Presentations

Trans Pregnancy

Fertility, Reproduction and Body Autonomy

An International Conference 

14-16 January 2020. Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds, UK. 

Contemporary experiences of pregnancy, birth and reproductive autonomy have significantly altered with the diversification of gendered, sexual and intimate practices, and advances in health care practices and technologies. In many countries it is possible for same-gender couples to adopt and raise children, for prospective parents to access IVF or surrogacy, and for people to safely and legally terminate a pregnancy. 

There have always been transgender people who become pregnant, but they are more visible than ever before. Trans pregnancy shows how shifts in gendered and intimate practices occur within changing social institutions, technological advances and developing cultural understandings. Such social, technological and cultural transformations also impact on how individuals live their gendered, embodied and intimate lives. 

This conference emerges from the three-year project «Trans Pregnancy: An International Exploration of Transmasculine Reproduction», funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). We have been exploring the feelings, experiences and health care needs of trans and non-binary people who wish to and/or become pregnant. In addition to sharing our end-of-project findings, we seek to bring interdisciplinary, international researchers into conversation with activists, community organisers, healthcare practitioners and artists for the first international conference on trans reproduction. 

In addition to plenary speakers at the forefront of their field, this Call for Papers seeks to open up the conference to academics at all stages of their career, including postgraduates, plus trans parents and activists, and members of voluntary, third sector, policy, professional and practitioner communities. Presentations may address – though are not limited to – trans reproduction and: 

  • Abortion rights 
  • Adoption and fostering 
  • Citizenship and recognition 
  • Class and socioeconomic status 
  • Constructed gametes 
  • Embodiment 
  • Forced sterilisation 
  • Gender identities 
  • Health care and practice 
  • Infant feeding and induced lactation 
  • International comparisons 
  • Law, policy and ethics 
  • Kinship, families and intimacy 
  • Parenting cultures 
  • Racialisation of reproductive practices 
  • Reproductive justice 
  • Reproductive technologies 
  • Research methods 
  • Sexualities 
  • Social and/or medical transitions 
  • Social movements and activism 
  • Uterus implants 

We welcome creative presentation forms such as film, readings, poetry, music, theatre and artwork. 

Please send an abstract (200-300 word description of your work or proposed presentation) to: 

Professor Sally Hines (Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. ) and Dr Ruth Pearce: (Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. ) 

Deadline: 30th August 2019. 

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